Jump Start Ten-Week Nutrition & Lifestyle Course


Interesting and Informative

From bryan hillman

Gary knows his stuff!! Each seminar I find myself completely engrossed in what Gary has to say and have already learnt so much. I am disappointed when the seminar ends each week. All the informatio...

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ss suberb seminar

From graham friday

jump start 2017 was the most informative and relaxing seminar on body medical symptoms such as diabetes ,sleep disorders etc..Every one should give it a go,. to know what foods are good for you.Gar...

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Nutrition Seminar

From margaret gouk

When I was referred to the Weight Management Scheme I wasn't sure what to expect, but I can honestly say that I'm so glad I have done it! It has been the best thing ever, I've enjoyed it so much an...

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"It would not have been possible"

From maniraj gurung

Hi Gary, I thoroughly enjoyed the 1st course. (Thank you) which opened my eyes to what i had been doing wrong. It was like starting from scratch and relearning how to eat. Now following intermitt...

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Jump Start Nutrition course - Amazing!!

From louise stevens

So much information, so much knowledge gained. Life changing course!!!

10 Week Nutrition & Lifestyle Course

Next Course : Maidstone, Kent.

Are You Overweight and Suffering With Diabetes, Fatigue, Depression, IBS, High Blood Pressure or an Autoimmune Disease?

Can you imagine living a life having all the energy you need to thrive, a life without medication and debilitating health symptoms?

How amazing would it be to wake up feeling rested, without aches, pains, digestive issues or a foggy head?

What if you could learn how to manage your stress, no matter what life throws at you?

And as a pleasant side effect to fixing all of that, what if you get a leaner and more athletic physique?

Well that is what I will teach you over this 10-week course!

Now, although this is an online course with all of the seminars and course material available to download weekly, this time, I am going to be teaching it in person!

That means for the same price as the online course, you can attend a weekly seminar for 10 weeks with myself in a live class room environment. 

There will be a weekly, hour long seminar (details of each week in the curriculum below) plus an hours Q&A session afterwards which is your chance to ask me your specific health questions, each week!

The seminars will be held at 9:30am on Saturday mornings, in Maidstone. The course will be starting on the 6th January, 2018. 

We are currently living in an epidemic of what have been classified as - Non Communicable Diseases or NCD's.

NCD's are the result of poor lifestyles and environments rather than diseases spread by viruses such as obesity, diabetes, heart disease, cancer, digestive problems, mental health issues and autoimmune conditions.

The current medical system is failing us and the government advice on nutrition is making us fatter and sicker. So we need to take charge of our own health and learn how to live a healthy and optimal life without the need for fad diets and endless medications.

About Your Instructor

Gary Hawkins

Gary Hawkins

Functional Nutritionist

One Saturday in October 2012, I had been to the gym and I felt strong. I bench pressed 150kg, squatted 180kg and deadlifted 205kg. 

The following day I woke up numb from the waist down.

This numbness quickly progressed up to my chest. I lost the use of my left arm, which was very inconvenient, because I am left-handed.

A good friend drove me to the hospital where I was admitted and endured various tests such as a lumber punch, which is a sample of spinal fluid, various blood work and an MRI.

So I am lying there thinking it’s a sports injury. I lifted weights and nerves got trapped, same as before.

Then two neurologists came to my bedside. Mr Hawkins, “You have multiple sclerosis”, said the consultant.

“How did I get that?” I asked.

“You are just unlucky” replied the consultant.

I can tell you something, after years of studying health and autoimmune diseases, ‘Luck’ has never been a part of the pathology for anything I have come across!

When you get hit with news like that it takes a while for it to sink in.

Suddenly your future looks pretty bleak. You get offered a load of medication that may or may not do anything to help. I had some nasty Copaxone injections that hurt and I had to inject daily. I had some gabapentin for my nerves, which spun me out and caused cognitive impairment.

I was also on 30mg daily of diazepam, which is highly addictive. Trust me. I know how hard it is to ditch some of these meds.

A couple of months post diagnosis I get put n touch with a guy who also has multiple sclerosis. I ask him “How do you manage your ms?”

I didn’t want to accept a life of medication and not being able to play with my kids as they grew up was not part of the plan. I wanted to be fit and strong again. I wanted to be able to feed myself and walk up and down the stairs!

Jim and I start a conversation and he tells me about a Dr Terry Wahl’s, a lady who had primary progressive ms, the worst of 3 types of ms. Terry had been spending most of her time in a zero gravity chair when she started looking at the nutrients responsible for some for the issues associated with ms symptoms.

After supplementing with various nutrients and getting good results, Terry started looking at the whole foods that provided the same nutrients.

Terry also which noted foods that were causing inflammation and removing anything that was processed from her diet, terry was following something that looks like todays Paleo diet, but with a few caveats.

Within a few weeks I felt better, my skin was getting clear and my energy was improving.

I followed this autoimmune protocol or AIP diet strictly for a couple of years but within just 9 months I was back on my feet and in the gym.

I was lifting tiny little 2kg weights but hey, I was back!

During this time I couldn’t go out or work so I studied nutrition and autoimmune diseases.

I developed a thirst for knowledge. Looking back, I think the increase in fats in my diet and improvements in my lifestyle fired something up in my brain. Something that had been previously shut off that has enabled me to retain and understand things in a way I never though possible.

One day during a routine doctors visit, I was asked by young GP what I had done to manage my ms symptoms. I told her about my diet and various other tricks and bio hacks I had incorporated into my life.

“If you get qualified to take GP referrals I will send patients to you” She said.

So I did. I went straight home and booked onto a course. I passed with distinction and became a qualified nutritional therapist. But that was just the beginning.

I started working as a nutritional therapist and quickly discovered a real passion for helping others that were sick and suffering with various health problems.

I will say now that it was the first time in my life my job ‘fed my soul’ but that is genuinely how it makes me feel.

Over the years I have found a few mentors whose opinions and information I trust.

Chris Kresser, Dr Mark Hyman, Robb Wolf, Dr Rhonda Patrick, Dr Rangan Chatergee and Dr Michael Ruscio have been some of my leading sources of knowledge over the last 5 years.

I have followed their work, attended their seminars and completed the various courses they have put out or recommended in nutrition and lifestyle-based diseases.

I have also completed various courses at the Institute of Functional Medicine and plan on completing my training there over the next few years.

That brings me up to date. My most recent MRI shows no progress in the ms lesions since my first scan and they are not active or inflamed.

I still need to adherer to a strict nutrition program to manage my symptoms but I wouldn’t change it as I have made the foods I can have, suit me and what’s more, I enjoy every meal more than ever!

It’s not just sorting out the nutrition though; I had to improve my sleep and circadian rhythms to balance my hormones. I had to heal a leaky gut, correct nutritional deficiency, learn how to manage stress and develop a positive mindset and lets not forget about the importance of daily movement.

It is only when you put all of these things together that you can you really enjoy optimal health.

And that is what I have done for you. I have put together a really simple to follow ten-week course that incorporates the key aspects that I have followed to re-find my health.

Nutrition, Movement, Mindset and Sleep.

Yours in health

Gary Hawkins




  • Welcome to Jump Start 2017!
  • ​About Me – by Gary Hawkins
  • Baseline Blood Chemistry Assessment
  • Clearing out the Cupboards
  • Shopping List

Week 1 - The Devolution of Nutrition

  • The Devolution of Nutrition Webinar
  • Food Swap List - Print this handy quick food swap guide!
  • The Real Food Plan - Free Ebook
  • Time-Restricted Eating - How to lose weight with zero effort!

Week 2 - Macronutrients

  • Macronutrients Webinar
  • Plate Division - No carbs for breakfast!
  • Cheatsheet Fats
  • Cheatsheet Carbohydrates
  • Cheatsheet Protein
  • Keto Breakfast Smoothie - Video with links
  • Quick Quiz - Macronutrients

Week 3 - Micronutrients

  • Micronutrients - Webinar
  • Cheatsheet Vitmins & Minerals
  • Vitamin D - Know your levels!
  • The Top 5 Reasons Vitamin D Makes Women Bulletproof
  • Magnesium & Vitamin D3 Supplements
  • Quick Quiz - Micronutrients

Week 4 - Nutrient Density

  • Nutrient Density - Webinar
  • Cheatsheet Nutrient Density
  • The Dirty Dozen List
  • Mat Lalonde Nutrient Density: Sticking to the Essentials
  • Eat a Rainbow - downloadable chart and diary.
  • EWG's 2017 Shopper's Guide to Pesticides in Produce™

Week 5 - Stress Management

  • Stress Management - Webinar
  • EAT THIS: Top 10 Stress Beating Foods
  • Cheatsheet - Stress Reducing Techniques
  • WATCH THIS: Yoga Breathing | Alternate Nostril Breathing
  • TRY THIS: Ali Hollands - Relaxation Hypnosis

Week 6 - The Digestive System

  • The Digestive System - Single Webinar.pdf
  • Do you have IBS or digestive issues? Download this safe foods list to help you out!
  • Home Test For Low Stomach Acid
  • Top 5 Gut healing foods & supplements
  • Leaky_Gut_Triggers_Handout
  • BristolStoolChart
  • The Digestive System - Quick Quiz

Week 7 - Optimising Sleep

  • Sleep Webinar
  • CHEATSHEET - Optimising Sleep
  • WATCH THIS: Dr. Satchin Panda on Time-Restricted Feeding and Its Effects on Obesity, Muscle Mass & Heart Health
  • BOOK RECOMMENDATION: Sleep Smarter by Shawn Stevenson

Week 8 - The Microbiome

  • Symbiotic Evolution Webinar.pdf
  • Feeding Your Skinny Bacteria
  • WATCH THIS: A Guide to Probiotics and Prebiotic's
  • WATCH THIS: Beginners Guide To Making Kombucha
  • READ THIS: Kefir -The benefits and how to make it

Week 9 - Environmental Toxins

  • Environmental Toxins Webinar Part 1 - The Exposome.pdf
  • Environmental Toxins Webinar part 2- Cookware & Cooking Methods.pdf
  • WATCH THIS: Mouldy - Free Documentary on Toxic Mould
  • READ THIS: The exposome: from concept to utility by Christopher Paul Wild
  • DIRTY DOZEN ENDOCRINE DISRUPTORS 12 Hormone-Altering Chemicals and How to Avoid Them
  • Quick Tips for Choosing Safer Pesonal Care Products

Week 10 - Your Next Steps

  • Week 10 - Putting it all together.pdf
  • Cheatsheet - Reintroducing Foods

Useful Resources

  • Supplements - Where to buy and discount codes
  • A Guide To Eating Out
  • Simple Recipes - Salmon, Chicken, Beef, Pork and Lamb


  • YOGA BASICS - Sukhasana (The Easy Pose)
  • YOGA BASICS - Extended Child Pose
  • YOGA BASICS - Tabletop Position
  • YOGA BASICS - Cat - Cow Pose
  • YOGA BASICS - Downward Facing Dog
  • YOGA BASICS - Mountain Pose
  • YOGA BASICS - Forward Fold
  • YOGA BASICS - Runners Lunge
  • YOGA BASICS - Warrior One
  • YOGA BASICS - Warrior Two


  • YOGA FOR COMPLETE BEGINNERS - 20 Minute Home Yoga Workout!
  • 5 Minute Morning Yoga
  • 7 Minute Bedtime Yoga

You will learn...

Science based nutrition you can easily apply

How to manage stress and focus your mind

Specific Nutrition for IBS, Autoimmune, Diabetics and Weight loss

How to Sleep Like a Baby

How to shop for food, cook at home and eat out

Functional Exercise & Movement


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